CiviLab 2023: The Future of Civil Engineering Laboratory Software

CiviLab is a revolutionary software designed specifically for soil and concrete laboratories, providing engineers and scientists with a comprehensive platform for managing and analyzing their testing data. This user-friendly software enables users to perform a wide range of soil and concrete tests, including Grain size distribution test, Cone penetration test, direct shear test, and Menard pressuremeter test, among others. CiviLab also offers powerful data analysis tools, allowing users to generate charts, graphs, and reports with ease. With CiviLab, engineers and scientists can streamline their testing processes, saving valuable time and resources while increasing the accuracy and reliability of their results. Whether you're working on a large-scale construction project or conducting research in a laboratory, CiviLab is the ultimate solution for managing and analyzing soil and concrete testing data. The virtual agent named "Nourin" is the driving force behind our laboratory software "CiviLab", enabling seamless transfer of test data from various locations including the site, laboratory, and office. In addition to facilitating data transfer, Nourin is also equipped with the ability to generate test sheets, providing an all-in-one solution for managing test data. Whether you're on-site, in the laboratory, or in the office, Nourin ensures that all data is accurately and efficiently recorded and organized, streamlining the testing process and saving valuable time and resources.
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Our lab software "CiviLab" handles the following tests:

  1. Laboratory tests

  2. In-situ tests

  3. Mechanical tests

  4. Concrete

  5. Road

  6. Bearing capacity of shallow foundations

    Evaluation of bearing capacity using:
  7. Settlement capacity of shallow foundations

    Evaluation of shallow foundations settlement using:

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