Settlement: Oedometer test

The oedometer test is a commonly used laboratory test to measure the compressibility and settlement characteristics of soils. It involves applying a controlled vertical stress to a soil sample and measuring the resulting deformation over time. The settlement of foundations can be evaluated from the results of the oedometer test because it provides valuable information about the soil's behavior under load. By analyzing the results of the test, engineers can estimate the rate and magnitude of settlement that can be expected from the soil beneath a foundation. This information is essential for designing safe and stable foundations that can withstand the expected loads and avoid potential structural failures. CiviLab calculates the settlement of an isolated footings according to:

  • NF P 94 261 (Eurocode 7);
  • DTR BC 2.331;
  • DTU 13.12.

CiviLab allows you to:

  • Calculate the settlement of a shallow footing;
  • Provide high quality reports;
  • Archive reports correctly.

With "CiviLab", you can easily calculate the settlement of a shallow footing. CiviLab also provides high quality reports and archive them properly

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