SonReb Method

The in-situ compressive strength of concrete can be influenced by numerous factors, such as carbonation, amount of reinforcing steel, the location of the reinforcing steel or the aggregate size. Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) and Rebound Hammer (RH) are continually adopted methods by engineers to assess the characteristics and to estimate the compressive strength of the concrete. The correlation of data from the Ultrasonic testing and Rebound Hammer testing to the existing compressive strength data has been found to be a more accurate predictor of compressive strength. In CiviLab, the following correlations and methods are available:

  • Meynink & al. (1979);
  • Bellander. (1979);
  • Arioglu & al. (1996);
  • Faella & al. (2011).

Our concrete software "CiviLab" makes it easy to calculate the compressive strength of concrete using the SonReb method. Also, CiviLab provides high quality reports and archives them properly.

In this test, you can use CiviLab to:

  • Calculate the strength of concrete (based on several formulas) ;
  • Save and print results appropriately;
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