Atterberg limits test

A clayey soil can exist in four states depending on the water content, which are: solid, semi-solid, plastic and liquid. In each state, the consistency and behavior of a soil is different, as are its engineering properties. The Atterberg limits are the basic measure of the critical water contents that separates one state from another

Two tests are available in our soil software to determine the liquid limit namely :

  • Casagrande test;
  • Fall cone test.

Our soil laboratory software “CiviLab” facilitates the data processing of the Atterberg limit test, also CiviLab allows you to provide high quality reports and archive them properly.

For Casagrande test, CiviLab supports the following standards:

  • ASTM D4318-17E01;
  • NF P94-051;
  • BS 1377-2:2022;

In this test, CiviLab supports the following standards:

  • NA 16213;
  • NF P94-052-1;
  • BS 1377-2:2022;

In the Atterberg limits test you can use our soil software "CiviLab" to:

  • Draw the curve of the water content as a function of the numbers of blow (Casagrande test) ;
  • Draw the curve of the water content as a function of penetration (Fall cone test) ;
  • Calculate the Liquid limit WL;
  • Plastic limit WP;
  • Calculate the Plasticity index PI;
  • Classify the soil using the following charts:
    • Casagrande; 1948;
    • BS 5930:2015;
    • ASTM D 2487-17
Test sheet sample in PDF format

Sample screenshots

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