Settlement: Linear elasticity theory

The settlement of foundations is an important factor to consider in the design and construction of any building or structure. One way to evaluate the settlement of foundations is through the theory of linear elasticity. This theory describes the relationship between the applied loads on a material and the resulting deformation or strain. By applying this theory to the foundation of a building, engineers can estimate the settlement that will occur over time due to the loads placed on the structure. This information is crucial for ensuring the safety and stability of the building and can help prevent structural failures in the future. CiviLab calculates the settlement of an isolated footings using linear elasticity theory according to Eurocode 7 (NF P 94 261):

CiviLab allows you to:

  • Calculate the settlement of a shallow footing;
  • Provide high quality reports;
  • Archive reports correctly.

With "CiviLab", you can easily calculate the settlement of a shallow footing. CiviLab also provides high quality reports and archive them properly

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