Sewage networks

RDS has a multitude of commands and functions that allow users to design the horizontal and the vertical alignment of a sewage network. RDS allows:

  • Design the horizontal alignment;
  • Calculate the positions of the manholes;
  • Design the vertical alignment;
  • Calculate the slopes of the collectors;
  • Taking into account existing roads;
  • ...etc.

Tutorial videos "Sewage networks"

Road Design Software (RDS 2021)

RDS is a low cost infrastructure software dedicated to companies to carry out all categories of linear projects such as road projects, pipeline network projects and sewage network projects. Our software has a simple, intuitive interface and gives the user great flexibility to design linear projects

RDS includes functions for:

  • 3D presentation videos of your road project (mp4 format);
  • Import topographic points from several file formats (TXT, XYZ and DXF);
  • Import 3D points from Google Maps;
  • Digital terrain model & contour lines ;
  • Identify and model breaklines;
  • Identify and model contours;
  • Geometric Road Design (Horizontal alignment,Vertical alignment and Cross Sections);
  • Unique mode for displaying the vertical alignment;
  • Display the horizontal alignment in a mini-window (vertical alignment mode);
  • Real time calculation of cross sections;
  • Project export to DXF format;
  • Pipeline networks design;
  • Sewer networks design.

RDS components

Our software consists of:

RDS Pricing