Cross Sections

RDS allows the user to calculate current cross sections from one or several standard cross sections. With RDS you can:

  • Calculate cross sections from one standard cross section;
  • Calculate cross sections from two standard cross sections;
  • Calculate cross slopes;
  • Real-time calculation of cross sections;
  • Calculate the volumes of: Cutting, filling and the different pavement layers;
  • ...etc.

RDS calculate in real time the cross sections when modifying (adding or removing) profiles at the horizontal or the vertical alignments.

Tutorial videos "Cross Sections"

Road Design Software (RDS 2021)

RDS is a low cost infrastructure software dedicated to companies to carry out all categories of linear projects such as road projects, pipeline network projects and sewage network projects. Our software has a simple, intuitive interface and gives the user great flexibility to design linear projects

RDS includes functions for:

  • 3D presentation videos of your road project (mp4 format);
  • Import topographic points from several file formats (TXT, XYZ and DXF);
  • Import 3D points from Google Maps;
  • Digital terrain model & contour lines ;
  • Identify and model breaklines;
  • Identify and model contours;
  • Geometric Road Design (Horizontal alignment,Vertical alignment and Cross Sections);
  • Unique mode for displaying the vertical alignment;
  • Display the horizontal alignment in a mini-window (vertical alignment mode);
  • Real time calculation of cross sections;
  • Project export to DXF format;
  • Pipeline networks design;
  • Sewer networks design.

RDS components

Our software consists of:

RDS Pricing