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CiviLab 2023: Civil engineering laboratory software

  • Languages ​​available

    • English;
    • French.
  • Standards

    • ASTM
    • French standards (NF)
    • Algerian standards (NA)
    • British standards (BS)
  • Laboratory tests

    • Grain size distribution test
    • Atterberg limits test
    • Sand equivalent test
    • Micro deval abrasion test
    • Los angeles abrasion test
  • In-situ tests

    • Drill hole log
    • Dynamic penetrometer test
    • Cone penetration test
    • Menard pressuremeter test
    • Standard penetration test (SPT)
  • Mechanical tests

    1. Direct shear test
    2. Oedometer test
    3. Proctor compaction test
    4. CBR test.
  • Road tests

    1. Bitumen Extraction test (Kumagawa)
    2. Bulk relative density of
      bituminous specimen
    3. In-situ density measurements
  • Concrete

    1. Concrete mix design (ACI,
      Dreux- Gorisse,Bolomey,Faury)
    2. Compression test on concrete
    3. Ultrasonic testing
    4. SonReb test
  • Bearing capacity

    1. Laboratory tests
    2. Dynamic penetrometer test
    3. Cone penetration test (CPT)
    4. Standard penetration test (SPT)
    5. Menard pressuremeter test
  • Settlement

    1. Oedometer test
    2. Linear elasticity theory
    3. Menard pressuremeter test
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Bearing capacity (CPT), Soil laboratory software - CiviLab
CBR test, Soil laboratory software - CiviLab
Menard pressuremeter test, Soil laboratory software - CiviLab
Cone penetration test (CPT), Soil laboratory software - CiviLab
Concrete mix design (Bolomey), Soil laboratory software - CiviLab
Grain size distribution test, Soil laboratory software - CiviLab
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RDS 2021: Road Design Software

RDS is a low cost infrastructure software dedicated to companies to carry out all categories of linear projects such as road projects, pipeline network projects and sewage network projects. Our software has a simple, intuitive interface and gives the user great flexibility to design linear projects. RDS supports the following languages:

  • English;
  • French.

RDS includes functions for:

  • 3D presentation videos of your road project (mp4 format);
  • Import topographic points from several file formats (TXT, XYZ and DXF);
  • Import 3D points from Google Maps;
  • Digital terrain model & contour lines ;
  • Identify and model breaklines;
  • Identify and model contours;
  • Geometric Road Design (Horizontal alignment,Vertical alignment and Cross Sections);
  • Unique mode for displaying the vertical alignment;
  • Display the horizontal alignment in a mini-window (vertical alignment mode);
  • Real time calculation of cross sections;
  • Project export to DXF format;
  • Pipeline networks design;
  • Sewer networks design.
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3D projects Demonstration01, Road Design Software - RDS
Horizontal alignment, Road Design Software - RDS
Vertical alignment01, Road Design Software - RDS
Cross profile, Road Design Software - RDS
sewer, Road Design Software - RDS
3D projects Demonstration02, Road Design Software - RDS
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