Civil engineering software development

CiviLab 2022: Civil engineering laboratory software

CiviLab is bilingual software (French + English) intended for the calculation and management of soil and concrete tests as well as geotechnical calculation. Our laboratory software is boosted by a virtual agent called "Nourin" which allows tests data to be transferred from the site, the laboratory or from any location to the office, in addition, Nourin automatically prepare the test sheets. In CiviLab, both unit systems are available, namely the metric and imperial system. Designed by civil engineers to meet your expectations. Our soil and concrete laboratory software allows you to manage the tests carried out within your laboratory or in situ with remarkable flexibility and reliability. Easiness of usage, allowing members of your laboratory to master CiviLab in record time.

CiviLab manages the following tests and calculations:

  1. Laboratory tests (Grain size distribution test, Atterberg limits test, Sand equivalent test, Micro deval abrasion test and Los angeles abrasion test);
  2. In-situ tests (Drill hole log, Heavy dynamic penetrometer test, Cone penetration test, Menard pressuremeter test and Standard penetration test (SPT));
  3. Mechanical tests (Direct shear test, Oedometer test, Proctor compaction test and CBR test);
  4. Road tests (Bitumen Extraction test, Bulk relative density of bituminous specimen and In-situ density measurements);
  5. For concrete:
    • Concrete mix design: ACI method;
    • Concrete mix design: Dreux- Gorisse method;
    • Concrete mix design: Bolomey method;
    • Concrete mix design: Faury method;
    • Compression test on concrete;
    • Ultrasonic testing.
  6. Shallow foundations:
    • Evaluation of bearing capacity from: laboratory tests, dynamic penetrometer test, cone penetration test and Menard pressuremeter test;
    • Settlement evaluation from the pressuremeter test.
More details

CiviLab mockup
Evaluation of bearing capacity from laboratory tests, Civil Engineering Laboratory Software - CiviLab
CBR Test, Civil Engineering Laboratory Software - CiviLab
Menard pressuremeter test, Civil Engineering Laboratory Software - CiviLab
Cone penetration test, Civil Engineering Laboratory Software - CiviLab
Concrete mix design: Dreux- Gorisse method, Civil Engineering Laboratory Software - CiviLab
Grain size distribution test, Civil Engineering Laboratory Software - CiviLab
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RDS 2021: Road Design Software

RDS is a low cost infrastructure software dedicated to companies to carry out all categories of linear projects such as road projects, pipeline network projects and sewage network projects. Our software has a simple, intuitive interface and gives the user great flexibility to design linear projects

RDS supports the following languages

  • English;
  • French.

RDS includes functions for:

  • 3D presentation videos of your road project (mp4 format);
  • Import topographic points from several file formats (TXT, XYZ and DXF);
  • Import 3D points from Google Maps;
  • Digital terrain model & contour lines ;
  • Identify and model breaklines;
  • Identify and model contours;
  • Geometric Road Design (Horizontal alignment,Vertical alignment and Cross Sections);
  • Unique mode for displaying the vertical alignment;
  • Display the horizontal alignment in a mini-window (vertical alignment mode);
  • Real time calculation of cross sections;
  • Project export to DXF format;
  • Pipeline networks design;
  • Sewer networks design.
More details

RDS mockup
3D projects Demonstration01, Road Design Software - RDS
Horizontal alignment, Road Design Software - RDS
Vertical alignment01, Road Design Software - RDS
Cross profile, Road Design Software - RDS
sewer, Road Design Software - RDS
3D projects Demonstration02, Road Design Software - RDS
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